The MXL DX-2 is a dual capsule variable dynamic microphone design to be the perfect guitar cabinet microphone for both studio recordings or live performances.

MXL DX-2 Patent Pending

Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic

The MXL DX-2® is the first dual capsule dynamic microphone that allows you to tailor the sound from one capsule to the other and all points in between, so that you can easily customize your sound. The front of the microphone is a flat-faced, side-address design which places the microphone capsules close to the sound for optimal pickup, while the opposite side has the crossfade knob, making adjustments a breeze. Capsule 1's super cardioid large capsule design captures the warmth and fullness of your instrument while Capsule 2's cardioid small capsule offers superb mid range and high end detail.
Your perfect tone. Dialed.

  • Side address microphone with signature flat-face design allows for optimal placement directly in front of guitar speaker cabinets
  • Designed to hang over the front of speaker cabinets via XLR cable or stand mountable
  • High Sound Pressure Level (SPL) tolerance for use with a wide variety of sound sources

FOH October issue DX-2 review"The DX-2 is a winner. It's great on guitar, while it's combination of the two high-SPL handling capsules should be equally at home on other midrange-heavy sources such as horns, Leslie tops, steel guitar and more. Thumbs up on this one!" Click to Read Full Review
-George Petersen, Front Of House Magazine

Dual Capsule Dynamic Microphone
Frequency Response:
50 Hz- 14kHz
Polar pattern:
Super Cardiod, Cardiod
-52 dB re 1 V/Pa, -54 dB re 1 V/Pa
400 ohms/600 ohms
43mm x 156mm/ 1.73 in. x 6.14 in
0.45lbs/204 g
Metal Finish:
Dark Metallic Grey and Black
Polar Pattern
Included Accessories
Hard Mount Mic Stand Adapter
Protective Case
Hard Mount
Mic Stand Adapter
Protective Case

MXL DX-2 Microphone Dual Capsule Variable Dynamic Microphone made for guitar cabinets

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